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redridingbook The Little Red Riding Book is an effortless and enjoyable introduction to horses, safe riding habits, and early lessons, without becoming tedious. The excitement of 2 city children who are simply out-of-their-minds-excited about connecting with horses is so well conveyed by the author, whose firsthand experience with that excitement is obvious. The local flavor of the book will have the readers guessing as to the identities of the people, places, and horses in the book, because this is, after all, a local author drawing on local experiences.

The illustrations of the horses are beautiful pencil sketches, showing a serious study of horse structure and especially the kindness of the horses’ facial expressions. The illustrator has also captured the children’s warmth and excitement, although not with the same detail as she has mastered in her equine subjects.

Written for children ages 4 – 8 years old, I nonetheless found the book a delightful read, and I am 70! It can be read to the younger children and the older ones can read it for themselves, but it will still challenge their reading skills, especially phonetics, as they roll their tongues around words like “Mrs. Wallensworth” “authentic” and “agitated”. They will enjoy mastering the vocabulary as well as improving their knowledge of that favorite subject, horses and ponies.


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